Plan Your Motorcycle Road Trip to PCB Florida


Are you planning to hit the road on your bike? Panama City Beach is the perfect destination for sun, sand, and surf. A road trip on your motorcycle is a great way to explore the country’s most beautiful landscapes while keeping things minimal and having the flexibility to go off-book. While you’re on the road you can enjoy the ease of booking your stay on-the-go, but it’s great to have a final destination to look forward to at the end of your journey.

Aqua Resort is located along the pristine beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida. Enjoy luxury accommodations, resort amenities, and a perfect location near all the best things to do in Panama City Beach, without being the center of it all. Our condo rentals feature all the amenities of home so you can feel comfortable and at ease while you’re away. Treat yourself to a stay at Aqua Resort on your next motorcycle road trip.

Tips for Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip to PCB Florida

Pack Light

When packing, be sure to cargo weight limits of your bike and adjust tire pressure and suspension accordingly based on your pack. Load items toward the bike’s center of gravity, and consider packing items that have multiple uses. Keep in mind items that you can easily buy on the road or anything that you can use and then toss during your time on the road.

Bring Layers and Appropriate Attire

Lightweight, synthetic materials are best because you can easily wash and dry them when on the road, but also keep in mind that you have access to washer and dryer units at Aqua Resort. Be sure to bring rain gear and layers for cold weather even when traveling to Florida. Consider bringing items like gaiters, rain gloves and a small towel for unexpected rain.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important, especially when on the road. A backpack hydration system can be helpful on longer trips when you don’t want to wait until you stop every time for a sip of water.

Plan breaks

While it’s great that you can be flexible on the road, it’s also key to understand when you need to take a break. Have a few planned breaks in mind to fuel up, get some food and water, and rest.

Look Over Your Bike Each Morning

Take a good look over your bike each morning to be sure it’s running properly and safely. Here are a few things to check:

  • Fluids (oil, primary, transmission, brake, and any other fluids)
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Filters
  • Tire Pressure
  • Windshield
  • Foot pegs
  • Seat
  • All Electrical (high beams, low beams, turn signals, running lights, brake lights)

Have a Digital and Paper Map

Have a clear path digitally and on paper for your trip. It’s important to have a route mapped out, and digital maps can help you steer clear of traffic and unexpected road closures along the way. You can easily download maps to have digital copies available on your phone for areas with little to no service available. Use our Panama City Beach directions as a reference.

Have a Plan for Unexpected Weather

Weather can be unpredictable, so have a plan in place if you have to switch gears. This is especially important if you’re riding in a group. Prepare with proper clothing for any amount of extended time in the rain, and have an exit strategy for more severe weather conditions. Always check the weather forecast before you hit the road each day. 

Nearby Attractions and Things to do in PCB

Whether you want to make a stop to stretch your legs or plan a few places to see along the way, there are plenty of great spots to stop near Panama City Beach on your motorcycle road trip. This region is home to some beautiful nature and parksattractions, and activities

Along the way, you can stop at Port Washington State Forest, the Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum, or any of the towns along the famous Emerald Coast of Florida. If you can, be sure to ride down Highway 98 and Scenic Highway 30A for the best views of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Book PCB Condo Rentals at Aqua

Aqua Resort is the perfect destination for your motorcycle road trip. Come enjoy the white sand beaches and luxurious resort amenities here. You can check out our current specials to save on your trip, and book your stay with us online. Browse all of our PCB condo rentals to find the perfect spot to unwind and relax after the long drive. 

Reserve Your Parking Spots 

Condominiums have 2 parking spaces allotted for each unit. Parking passes must be registered, paid for, and printed prior to arrival by going to Parking Fee is $20 per vehicle, per stay. 

Published on Friday, December 9, 2022