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Give a Christmas Present of a Panama City Beach Vacation to Your Family for Next Year!

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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

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Imagine your family gathered around the Christmas tree opening presents and one present is left: an envelope that was previously overlooked. You point to it and ask a family member to open it. Inside is an announcement that the family will be going on an amazing beach vacation next spring or summer to Panama City Beach and the beachside resort at Aqua!

What if you gave the gift of looking forward to …

Days spent walking in the crystal white sand along the blue green Gulf of Mexico as the waves crash on shore and the wind blows through your hair …

Kids laughing and playing in the surf and at one on our many pools …

Evenings spent together playing games, eating at great restaurants, and reconnecting…

In the busy world we live in, what could be a better Christmas present than investing in your family by giving the gift of time spent together at the beach? And, if you give it at Christmas, you’ll have something to look forward to during the winter months!

Lots of families are choosing to reserve and announce vacations for the spring and summer at Christmas time as a present, because that is really what it is! Make this Christmas even more special by giving your family the gift of something amazing to look forward to: A Panama City Beach vacation at the condos at Aqua!





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