Your Guide to Winter Fishing in Panama City Beach


One of the top winter things to do in Panama City Beach is to go fishing! Many visitors don't realize that winter is one of the best times to catch a variety of fish. If you're craving a winter fishing trip, we recommend staying at one of our Panama City Beach vacation rentals so you will be near all the fishing action!

Advantages of Winter Fishing in Panama City Beach

Fishing in Panama City Beach during the winter months of December, January, and February means fewer crowds and seasonal fish migration patterns. Many types of fish, including flounder, redfish, and trout migrate from the cooler ocean into the warmer Saint Andrew Bay. This makes for prime fishing conditions if you have the knowledge and skill to find them.

Best Places to Fish During the Winter in Panama City Beach

In order to take advantage of the winter fish migration patterns, you have to know the best places to fish! During the winter it is common for fish to be concentrated in locations around Saint Andrew Bay. This means they can be harder to find, however when you locate one fish, it usually means that there are many others nearby.

This leads to sometimes finding more fish than you have time to catch. A couple of lesser-known fishing spots include the Grand Lagoon, West Bay, and Warren Bayou.

Tips for How to Fish During the Winter

Keep in mind that fish are cold-blooded, which means they tend to move slowly during the winter. To be successful, you will need to mirror the movement of the fish. This means once you have your bait in the water, you should move your pole slowly and deliberately. If the bait is moving too quickly, then it will not catch the attention of the slow-moving fish.

Winter Fishing Charters in Panama City Beach

Fishing charters remain as one of the best ways to go fishing in Panama City Beach. The local captains and trip guides are experts and know the best places to find fish during the winter. There are many fishing charter companies in the area and we recommend checking out our Panama City Beach fishing charter guide for a list of companies we recommend to our guests.

Plan Your Winter Vacation to Panama City Beach

Escape to Panama City Beach this winter! Book one of our Panama City Beach condo rentals and explore all the winter fishing opportunities that Panama City Beach has to offer. There are many things to do during December and the rest of the winter months in Panama City Beach!

Published on Friday, December 9, 2022