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Are You Thinking About the Holidays in Panama City Beach?

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Thursday, October 26th, 2017

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Where are you spending Christmas? Thanksgiving? Have you thought about spending the holidays at Aqua Resort at Panama City Beach? Each year, more and more families are getting together to get away for the holidays. With their beautiful weather and distance from the cold, the Florida beaches have become a significant destination.

Last year, Panama City Beach put out 6 Festive Reasons to Spend Christmas at the Beach. We thought it was worth re-upping this piece and applying it to this year:

6. Get away from the cold weather – Christmas at the beach is exceptional!

5. Avoid typical holiday stress – you’ll have various activity options and will feel more relaxed!

4. Best value of the entire year – rooms are MUCH cheaper at Christmas!

3. Start the new year off fresh – get away to relax over the holidays instead of stressing!

2. Change is exciting – why do the same thing each year?

1. It’s still Christmas – Christmas is about being with loved ones no matter where you are!

Of course, the same rules apply for Thanksgiving. Why not do something different this year? Spend the holidays in a Panama City Beach condo at Aqua!





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