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Swim With the Dolphins on a Panama City Beach Vacation at Aqua!

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

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We flock down to the coast to enjoy the crashing of the waves against the unmistakable white sands of the Gulf, the sight of children’s imaginations running wild, the wind gently rolling over the pages of our favorite book, and the calming warmth of the southern sun. Sometimes, we can totally lose track of all the other awesome opportunities a PCB vacation provides! How about taking some time to swim with dolphins?

You’ve seen them on television and in movies. You may have even spotted one from the shores dancing among the waves far into the distance. Still, few have had the opportunity to get up close with one of the most beloved creatures of the sea. If swimming with dolphins or viewing them up close sparks your interest, Panama City Beach has plenty to offer you! Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach gives you the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, hug them, and even give them a smooch! Hold on to their pectoral fins as they take you for an unforgettable ride! If you’re more interested in observation, FunPCB will take you on a boat ride where you will learn all about the wonderful and wild creatures while observing them in their natural habitats. The dolphins are often seen enjoying a meal, splashing about in the ocean, and caring for their young.

PCB offers endless opportunities for you to experience the wonders of life under the sea. With countless ways to enjoy a Panama City Beach vacation, we hope you will explore every option up on shore and down among the sea creatures. Aqua welcomes you to stay with us as you venture out wherever the ocean calls you. We will be awaiting your return when it’s time to rest up for another day of fun!





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