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Post-Christmas and New Year Vacation at Panama City Beach

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Monday, December 4th, 2017

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For years, my family has gone down to the Florida Panhandle for the week after Christmas. School is out, days are lazy, and all of the excitement and stress of Christmas is over. It can be a huge let down for the kids, so we’ve tried to find something fun for them to look forward to. The Beach has been a great choice year in and year out! From heated pools, to Florida sunshine, to running and playing in the sand, to post-Christmas shopping, sleeping, long walks, and spending time together as a family, I call it the “most wonderful week of the year!” What better way to spend it than with a Panama City Beach vacation at Aqua?

As the years have gone by, I’ve recognized that our secret plan to get away the week after Christmas has been picked up by others. From December 26th through New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day until a couple of days into the New Year, I’ve seen the crowds grow. A nice array of people, couples, and families have picked up on the idea of spending the Holiday Break at the Beach- not too many, just enough people to make it fun. And, this has reinforced to me that our little family idea is picking up steam.

If you’re looking for a great place to get away in the week after Christmas and for New Year’s, instead of just staying home with the house empty and what could be a bit of a post-holiday slump, come down to the Panama City Beach condos at Aqua for a great week of fun, relaxation, and family togetherness as a way to close out 2017 and start 2018. We do it all of the time, and I think you’ll enjoy it!

-A Holiday Traveler





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