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Why Not Have a Christmas Shopping Vacation at Panama City Beach?

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Monday, December 4th, 2017

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One of the best things about Christmas is giving gifts to those you love. However, shopping for the gifts can often be a nightmare full of stress and inconvenience. What if there was another way?

Want to do something different for Christmas this year? How about planning a weekend before Christmas where you can come down and finish up Christmas shopping at one of the hundreds of stores, shops, and boutiques in the Panama City Beach area? As if coming down to the beach is not enough of an excuse, consider this . . . Instead of battling lines and crowds in your hometown, you can make a plan to get it all finished up on a weekend that you also get to spend in the sand! What better way to find unique gifts for friends, family, and loved ones that you can’t find anywhere else? And, along the way, have a little fun?

Aqua Resort has condos in Panama City Beach that are right next to Pier Park, a huge outdoor mall with dozens of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. You can get your Christmas shopping done, eat at amazing restaurants, take a walk along the beach to relax, and spend a great evening unwinding in one of our luxurious condos! Could there be a better way to finish up your Christmas shopping?

Finish Your Christmas Shopping With an Panama City Beach at Aqua!





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