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Why Fall is a Perfect Time for a Panama City Beach Vacation

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Thursday, October 26th, 2017

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Every year when school starts back up, the summer beach crowds start to fade and the temperatures begin to cool down. It becomes obvious to all who venture down to the Florida Gulf Coast that the fall is the best time of the year to visit the beach! We definitely love the summer at PCB, but the fall is full of incredible enjoyment, fun, relaxation and simply beautiful weather.

Everything that the summer has to offer to a couple or a family for vacation is also available in the fall. While the water is still warm to swim in and you can enjoy all of the water sports, the weather is a bit cooler and the days even more pleasant. From lounging at the pool or at the beach to playing golf, snorkeling, going on a dolphin cruise, taking a bike ride or deep sea fishing either from a chartered boat or off of the pier that’s just a short walk from Aqua, a fall Panama City Beach vacation is just about as perfect of a tropical escape as one can have!

Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach is a great place for condos with beautiful Gulf views, crystal white sand, luxurious pools and proximity to everything you’d want in a beach vacation. We hope to see you this fall!





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