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The Best Way to Regain Emotional Health This Season is a Panama City Beach Vacation to Aqua!

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

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We know you’ve heard enough from us about why you should come to PCB, so we’ve called in the experts. Science is officially changing the beach ball game! Whether you took them as kids with your family or you find yourself heading down to the shores as an adult, beach vacations hold fond and relaxing memories for all. Sitting in the sand by the water and feeling a breeze on your cheeks can evoke memories from summers past. It turns out that’s just what we need to restore our minds, bodies, and souls.

Anne Gherini writing for says:

There is something soothing about the sound of ocean waves, the smell of salt water, and the feeling of warm sand beneath your toes. Having grown up near the beach, I always classified my happiness on the beach as no more than nostalgia. Yet, recent studies prove that a beach-type environment can have a profound impact on our brains and mental health.

Although few people deny the importance of brain health, most of us don’t focus as much effort on taking care of our brains as we do our bodies. The misnomer that physical fitness trumps mental health is at our detriment. The reality is that we need balance, both mentally and physically.

We all love adventurous and action-packed excursions, but nothing beats laying a towel out on the sand and allowing the sun and the waves to work their magic. Apparently, we need those moments a lot more than we previously thought we did. Summer is near and it’s time to progress both emotionally and mentally through a trip to the beach. Aqua cannot wait to see what amazing things you’ll be able to do with a new and rejuvenated spirit! So come see us!







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