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Celebrate Mardi Gras With a Panama City Beach Vacation!

The greatest of parties and winter celebrations is just around the corner as Mardi Gras quickly approaches! Celebrating at home is certain to be cold and not nearly as fun as the festivities down in PCB! Come stay at the condos at Aqua, yell “throw me something, Mister!”, and have a great time on the Gulf Coast! Continue reading


Ten Reasons to Enjoy Winter Fun in Florida and to Combat the Seasonal Blues!

As freezing cold grips the country in January and February, consider joining us in warmth on a winter PCB vacation. Average temperatures are in the high 60s and low 70s. Perfect weather calls for perfect opportunity to golf, ride bikes, shop, walk along the beach, enjoy the warm sun on your face, and thaw out from the cold, wet winter. Plus, coming down for a winter vacation to Aqua in Panama City Beach means beating the spring break crowds!

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Plan Your Spring Break Vacation in Panama City Beach at Aqua!

Are you tired of the cold yet? The snow and the rain of winter can leave us feeling frozen and hopeless. Don’t allow the frigid temperatures to get you down. The perfect time to plan a sunny, sandy, breeze-filled beach trip is right now! The beaches of Florida are warm and welcoming and especially excited to see you this spring break! Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida is the perfect place to play and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico after a long and cold winter!

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Panama City Beach Will Be Bouncing and Rockin’ In the New Year!

When Christmas is over and you restlessly begin your search for new things to do, planning a new adventure at PCB may be just what you needed to keep your holiday spirit alive. We hope that you will visit us some time in 2019 and planning your trip sooner is always better than later. Continue reading


Ready to Welcome In the New Year at Aqua!

Panama City Beach and surrounding areas faced unique challenges this year when Hurricane Michael hit in October. Fortunately, Aqua and the areas nearby did not receive much damage and within a few weeks, we were back up and welcoming guests! We are thankful for all who have helped with recovery and we look forward to a new year that we hope will be better than ever! Continue reading


New Year’s Eve in Panama City Beach at Aqua is the Place to Be!

One of the best weeks of the year at Aqua is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. After Christmas, when all the presents have been bought, wrapped, and given, you’ve spent time with family, and you’ve enjoyed the holiday spirit, you may be feeling kind of worn out from it all. What better way to rest, relax, and recharge than to spend some time down at the beach? The condos at Aqua are ready for you with amazing ocean views and Pier Park within walking distance! Continue reading


Give a Christmas Present of a Panama City Beach Vacation to Your Family for Next Year!

Imagine your family gathered around the Christmas tree opening presents and one present is left: an envelope that was previously overlooked. You point to it and ask a family member to open it. Inside is an announcement that the family will be going on an amazing beach vacation next spring or summer to Panama City Beach and the beachside resort at Aqua! Continue reading


Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach is Preparing to Reopen

As the nation watched Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane, our hearts turned toward our PCB community and those dramatically affected with loss of homes and businesses. We are so grateful for all the first responders and for all of those who assisted the most vulnerable residents and visitors in the face of this massive disaster. We are recovering along the Florida Gulf Coast and are seeing amazing acts of generosity as the entire coastal community comes together aided by our friends from around the country. Continue reading


Holiday Beach Vacations in Panama City Beach

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again: the holidays are the perfect time to take a beach vacation. More and more families are deciding to join us each year, and more and more are discovering just how fantastic the holiday season on the shore is. Work, Christmas parties, and other obligations can pull you apart, even when you are trying to spend time with family. Spending a portion of the holidays at an Aqua Resort condo gives your family a chance to be together without interruption. It certainly helps that we have tons to do down here, even during the winter! Continue reading


Fall is the Time for Music, Food, and Fun Festivals in Panama City Beach!

Weather cooler? Check. Summer crowds gone? Check. Amazing Fall Weekends? Check. Great! Time to have fun festivals one weekend after another in Panama City Beach!

Aqua Resort is the perfect location to spend a weekend or a full week and enjoy the fall festival season with a Panama City Beach vacation! Here are just a few festivals that we have coming up! Continue reading






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