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Kick Off the Summer in Panama City Beach Style with Memorial Day Weekend at Aqua Resort!

Right about now, the sun begins to peak its head out from behind the clouds, the kids’ nights become void of homework, the lip balm in your car begins to melt, and you know summer has arrived. When the atmosphere around you begins to feel like summer, the last thing you want to do is work, and the first thing you want to do is pack a bag and head to the beach. An early summer vacation will subdue that urge to get up and get out. Better yet, it will leave you with an entire summer to plan another trip! Continue reading


The Best Way to Regain Emotional Health This Season is a Panama City Beach Vacation to Aqua!

We know you’ve heard enough from us about why you should come to PCB, so we’ve called in the experts. Science is officially changing the beach ball game! Whether you took them as kids with your family or you find yourself heading down to the shores as an adult, beach vacations hold fond and relaxing memories for all. Sitting in the sand by the water and feeling a breeze on your cheeks can evoke memories from summers past. It turns out that’s just what we need to restore our minds, bodies, and souls.

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Aqua Welcomes You to Enjoy Summer Vibes and Free Music!

Here at Aqua and all over Panama City Beach, time is rolling ever so slowly toward summer sun and June joys! As we wait for the weather to become consistently warm, we become more and more anxious to see all of you summer travelers stop by! With April showers, final exams, and office blues having bogged you down all month long, we’re sure you’re just as eager to see us! Continue reading


Don’t Forget to Book Your Summer Vacation at Aqua Resort!

After what has seemed like a never-ending hibernation, summer is approaching quickly and the time to arise from our nests has come! The sun is out and awaiting your arrival in Panama City Beach, Florida. If you are on the hunt for a summer getaway with friends and family, look no further.  Aqua offers plenty of amenities for any type of beachgoer.  For those with their sights on an adventure- rent a wave runner, go on a snorkeling trip, or explore the wonders of the ocean with the dolphin boat tours.  If relaxation is your primary motive, consider renting a beach chair or umbrella to make your time in the sun even more enjoyable. Continue reading


Visit Aqua Resort in April and Get a Head Start on Sun, Surf, Sounds and Sand!

As if you needed another reason to visit Aqua Resort in the spring, SandJam 2018 is taking over the gorgeous PCB beaches April 26-28th.  The adult alternative rock festival will open for its first year in Panama City Beach, and it will offer the perfect weekend escape for all of those getting green-eyed seeing Spring Break posts from students and wishing they still had a Spring Break of their own.  Continue reading


Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach Is the Place for a Spring Vacation

With the weather warm, the Gulf waters a perfect and clear blue-green, the cool breeze falling over the sugar white sands, April is one of the best times of the year to grab a Panama City Beach condo at Aqua and enjoy a spring getaway. Continue reading


Get Ready for Spring Events in Panama City Beach That Go Beyond the Usual!

When you think of Panama City Beach in the spring, you might think of rowdy college kids Spring Breakin’ and having a lot of fun that you want to join in on, or maybe you think that scene is not quite for you. But, while the spring does mean that college students come to PCB, there is also another side to the area that is ready to be enjoyed. Continue reading


Spring is Coming to Panama City Beach and the Florida Gulf Coast!

The weather in the South is getting down right WARM! With nice breezes, sunny days, and cool evenings, spring in the South has arrived. And, with it, Florida’s Emerald Coast and the beaches of Panama City Beach are open to visitors, families and anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful weather! The months of March, April and May are some of the best times to enjoy a Panama City Beach vacation by reserving your stay in one of the beautiful condos at Aqua Resort overlooking the Gulf of Mexico! Continue reading


Spring Break Vacation Fun at Aqua in Panama City Beach!

Whether you are planning a full week of fun for Spring Break or you just want to get away for a weekend, Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach perfectly positions you right in the middle of beautiful, sugar-sand beaches, the emerald green waters of the Gulf, blue skies, the ocean breeze in your hair and a place to rest, relax and thaw out from a cold winter! Continue reading


A Spring Break Vacation in Panama City Beach at Aqua is Only a Month Away

This has been a surprisingly cold winter across the country for many of us. The South has had snow not once, but twice, and temperatures have been in the teens with highs in the 30s and 40s! It makes thinking about a Spring Break vacation both kind of hard to imagine and also a welcomed respite from the cold, dreary days of winter. Continue reading






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